Greetings!  District 5610 leadership has decided to issue $17,000 in unused district conference funds to a pop up grant program to address your community needs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and associated impacts.  All District 5610 Rotary and Rotaractor Clubs are eligible to apply.
Here is what you need to know to apply:
  • Download application by CLICKING HERE or in the "News/Downloads" section.  
  • Deadline is May 10th at noon MT / 1pm CT
  • Must address needs generated from the pandemic and its impacts
  • Must be local - either your community or a nearby community without a Rotary club
  • It is ok to give the funds to a local organization addressing the needs you identify
  • It is ok to partner with a local organization to leverage your grant funds
  • Funds must be used by August 1, 2020
  • Maximum award request is $2,000
  • The grant project or program should enhance the public image of your Rotary club
  • Grant report is due within 14 days following project completion 
  • Please only one request per club
  • When you report, keep the original application attached to the report
  • Apply online by filling out the form on WORD and submitting through the email of your club's certifying officer, and email to Ina - OR - print out the PDF, fill in, scan and send to Ina via email (through certifying officer if needed) - OR - print out the form, fill out, and mail to Ina Winter at P.O. Box 643 Hot Springs, SD 57747-0643.  All applications must be received by the deadline.  Use this same process for reporting.
  • If you need an Apple pages form, email Ina for that form
  • Please keep your application and report responses short and sweet - we will ask if we need clarification.  If you do need more space than the form allows, continue on an additional page.
Our ad hoc pop up grant committee tried to make this process as simple as possible while still retaining the principles of accountability and sustainability.  Please let us know if you need anything further to apply for these funds.  You can contact:
Thank you all for being Rotarians and Rotaractors and helping your communities navigate this pandemic.
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected,
Ina Winter
District Governor 2019-2020
RID 5610
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.