Join us in Le Mars!
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Over the past year I have been an active participant in District 5610 activities, from the District Conference, to Foundation Day, and then PETs. From what I learned, I then returned to Le Mars and recruited 3 new members. Just think what would happen if every attendee did that. I have learned that there are members of Rotary and then there are Rotarians. These District events have helped me to become a better and more informed and enthusiastic Rotarian. I want all Rotarians in the District to take advantage of what this year’s District Conference has to offer, to educate and enthuse you! 
PDG Ed Jacobson has the goal that every Rotarian should attend a District Conference at least once in the next 5 years. I hope that the Conference in Le Mars is one that you will attend! And come on Iowans! It’s not often that you get the chance to attend a conference this close to home! The Black Hills area clubs are going to have us outnumbered…
My committee has worked hard to put this Conference together. Please come and take advantage of our efforts. Please register ASAP on the District Website by clicking on the event listing. I so look forward to meeting you in Le Mars October 13 &14!
We will showcase our community with tours of the city. These include:
   The Plymouth County Museum, a very large museum documenting the history of the area and filled with artifacts of agriculture, home life, transportation and community.
   Veteran’s Park, beautifully landscaped featuring memorials of the great wars of the United States, a very large flying eagle statue and some equipment of the military.
   Alley Art, painted windows, murals and walls facing the alley; many whimsical, some historical.
   Plymouth County Fairgrounds, featuring the Round Barn, a turn of the century constructed barn in a circle and also feature the Rotary Drug Store, our club’s largest fundraiser selling soft serve ice cream and our specialty root beer floats.
     We welcome all Rotarians and families from District 5610 to join us!
—John Schneider, Conference Chair