Rotary Club of Centerville
The Centerville Rotary relocated the area food pantry and took over the management/volunteering of it.  We remodeled a storage room in the back of the Senior Center and are open to the public on Wednesdays from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.    Centerville Rotarians are the sole volunteers of the facility at this time.    We utilized a District grant of $1,000 and matched it with our own $1,000 to do the remodel.  We also coordinate food drives.
Rotary Club of Clark
A week ago Clark Rotary was invited to share the Thanksgiving meal at the Clark High School. This is an annual event we enjoy and attendance is often near 100%. During that time the Superintendent comes and gives the highs and lows of school activities. As usual, the student accomplishments in local, state and national events are reviewed and applauded. When asked about school needs, the Superintendent shared that school meals for many were becoming an issue of nonpayment. She had set up a fund called the Angel Fund and took personal donations from others for this fund. When a student ran out of money and could not pay for their meal, they were offered the same meal with money being taken from the Angel Fund. Following her presentation, Clark Rotary voted to donate $500 to the school for use in the fund. We would have had no idea of this need if we hadn’t been invited to the school that day. It put the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving for all of us.