April 24-25, 2020 Hot Springs, SD-Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday morning.  Bring your family and enjoy the many activities Hot Springs has to offer! Tour offerings include a drive through Wind Cave with stops at Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore.

Our Friday evening banquet will feature special Rotarian awards, recognition, and a message from RI Representative Phil Silvers.  Evening entertainment includes Western music and history.  Saturday morning features an inspiring message from Dr. Fozia Alvi, who grew up in Pakistan. She is an American trained physician who has been working in Calgary, Alberta, for the past 13 years. She and her husband, Tahir Alvi, are passionate humanitarians and have organized several health and education-related projects in developing nations, including opening a charity-based maternity hospital in rural Pakistan. She went in for a medical mission to the Bangladesh refugees’ camps in 2017 and was moved by the plight of Rohingya and has since been an advocate for them. She spoke at various international levels about this genocide and is also involved in advocacy for the Uyghurs of China and putting a stop to illegal organ harvesting. She currently runs her foundation, Humanity Auxilium, and organizes medical relief missions. She has been given various awards for her advocacy work including being a Nobel prize nominee in 2019 and the 2019 Advocacy Award by CAMSS.

We have booked Tom Gump from Minnesota.  Tom will be speaking on the first ever Veterans Serving Veterans Rotary Club and will offer a mini-workshop on how to start a cause-based Rotary Club.  Jon Ruybalid of Whiteclay Makerspace will be speaking on our first ever effort at hosting a global grant project. It is a joint effort between Whiteclay Makerspace, Inc. and District 5610 designed to support Oglala Lakota artists and craftspeople with an economic and community development project.  Another presentation will be on our first ever Disaster Response grant to address Pine Ridge Reservation homes damaged by the bomb cyclones of 2019.

  Click Here for registration link, tentative agenda, and hotel information.  Come celebrate with us!