Types of Grants:
CAP – Community Assistance Grants: No minimum; $1,000 maximum, 50% match  
5610 Grants: No minimum; $15,000 maximum, 50% match
     Apply to district, deadline is July 31, 24 months to complete Global Grants $30,000 minimum, 50% match of DDF, 33% match of cash Must address one of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus Must have a needs study, be sustainable and have host and international partners
Apply to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) online, can apply throughout the year
Club Qualification:
Signed Memorandum of Understanding for current year
At least one club member trained at grants seminar for current year
In good standing with the IRS (Form 990 current)
Current reporting on any open grants
Contributions to TRF
Stewardship Principles:
Project is needed/desired by the community
Rotarians are involved in the project
Clear expectations if a cooperating organization is involved
Separate bank account or accounting
Good record keeping (retain records for five years) Records available for audit by District or TRF
Follow up on project to ensure equipment is in place and functioning
All income and expenses accounted for
Any conflicts of interest are reported
Fully transparent fund distribution
Timely reports on project to District
Final reports are due no later than 60 days from project completion
Progress report due at 12 months, if project not completed Project must be completed in 24 months from grant award
Sustainability Principles:
Lasting impact
Optimal use of local resources
Attention to preservation of natural resources
Effect on maximum number of beneficiaries