Hope Haven is a cooperating organization to a Global Grant led by District 3860 in Tagbilaran, Philippines, whereas District 5610 is the international partner.  The project is aimed at promoting disease prevention and treatment through improvement in the Philippines healthcare system, specifically providing clinical treatment and rehabilitation for persons with physical disabilities.  A working trip to the area of Bohol, Philippines is planned for early March 2022 and Hope Haven is calling on volunteers. 
In Bohol, Philippines individuals with disabilities are often confined to their home, cut off from communities, school, job opportunities, and rely heavily rely on a caretaker.  Wheelchair recipients gain mobility, find socialization, education, workforce opportunities, and ultimately reach a sustainable change in their lives and contribution to their communities.  The purpose of this project is to create the sustainable and ongoing continuum of care for needs based-individuals through cooperative efforts of the Rotary clubs of Sioux Falls West, Tagbilaran, Hope Haven International, and the Bohol Federation of People with Disabilities. The projects goal is to provide 200 adults and children with wheelchairs and other needed mobility accessories through wellness fairs held in the area of Bohol.  Because each person is individually fitted to a mobility device to fit his or her needs, local healthcare staff will receive education on wheelchair usages, training in proper wheelchair fitting, and training in follow- up services for their patients.  Reliable and health-focused assistance from healthcare providers and patient caretakers leads to less pain, increased ability to heal, and less injuries due to improper wheelchair seating. 
Ideally, the travel team we are trying to fill will consist of wheelchairs construction specialists, medical personnel, accounting personnel, photographers, and general lifting/tool assistants.  However, this is just the beginning, most importantly we wish for your great Rotary work ethic and attitude.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to become part of the volunteer team please contact Mark Siemonsma, CRFE Director of Development, 712-470-0298 or 712-476-312 or www.hopehaven.org.  Also, your District Global Grant/VTT Subcommittee chairperson, Jennifer Rollins can help!