As the district fellowship chairman I would like your club to consider the idea of a “interclub” visit.

The idea is to have three or four or more members of YOUR club plan a visit to another club within district 5610.  Hopefully this would be a club that is out of your “neighborhood” so you could become familiar with other Rotarians that you do not normally meet on a regular basis.  It would also give you an opportunity to seek new ideas and activities for your club as well as support their club. 

Along with an activity such as this it would become an interclub exchange where THEIR club would come to visit YOUR club, and each might seek other interclub exchanges as an ongoing activity.

I would like to hear from any clubs that engage in such an activity, and get the pictures so that we may pass on the fun and experiences to other Rotarians.  Our hope is to spread this activity throughout the district.

If we get pictures we could have a space at the district conference showing all of the interaction with Rotarians.

I can be reached at 605.215.6916 or  I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Rotary,
Bob Westman
District Fellowship Chair