Rotary Club of Marshall Noon - Club’s “Student Rotarian” Guest Program

The Rotary Marshall Noon Club, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, has a unique program that involves the Marshall Public School students in its weekly meetings.  For over 30 years the club has invited select Marshall senior class students to its weekly meetings as student guests, commonly referred to as student Rotarians.  The program has proven to be beneficial to all concerned.

Each year, 24 senior students – 12 females and 12 males - are nominated by the school faculty to be student Rotarians based on their academic achievement, school and community involvement, leadership and character.  Each student Rotarian is asked to attend a Marshall Noon Club Meeting for two consecutive weeks.  The first week, the student is introduced at the meeting by alternating club members.  The students each prepare a simple bio-sheet containing their name, parent’s name, address, and activities as well as their plans after graduation.  After the introduction, the student presents a 3-5-minute speech on a topic related to Rotary International.  The topic is up to the student to research and is a creative way for our club to experience a Rotary “Foundation minute”.  On the second week, the student presents a 5-7 minute speech highlighting their involvement in an activity that has made a difference in their life while a student at Marshall Public Schools.  The topics range from academics to fine arts activities to athletic achievements.

Our club members value the personal connection to the High School students.  We get a chance to know these great ambassadors of the next generation.  The students also value the experience to be exposed to the good works of Rotary in their community and worldwide.

Scott Monson, Superintendent of Schools in Marshall and Rotary Marshall Noon Club member said, “One of the many things I find rewarding about the student Rotarian program is the learning that these students experience when they are researching a Rotary focus- such as promoting peace or eradicating polio for their week one speech.  The research and preparation for their speeches helps them to learn more about challenges in the world and how Rotarians across the globe are stepping up to help others overcome these challenges.  In my opinion, the knowledge that our student Rotarians gain is another important step in their leadership and development.”

In the Spring the students all come back together for one meeting in which they are responsible to plan, organize, and conduct.  This student-led meeting challenges each student to take a role in running the normal aspects of a Rotary meeting, from leading the Pledge of Allegiance to all the multiple aspects of the program.   The club is often rewarded with the talents of the students.

After the student-led meeting, the club assembles a committee to award four, $500 scholarships to the top participating student Rotarians.  Each student submits their speech and fills out a scholarship application.  The club committee members individually score the applications.  The scores are tallied from each committee member to reveal the four highest scores.  The scholarship money is awarded to their school upon enrollment of the deserving students.

The Marshall Public School District plays a vital role in the success of the student Rotarian program.  It requires a significant investment in time of the superintendent and his administration and faculty.  The student selection process is intentionally the sole responsibility of the school district.  Removing the club from this process insures objective nominees.  The school district sends an invitation letter to the parents encouraging them to attend the specific meetings attended by their son or daughter.   The Marshall school district even pays for the meals of the parents who attend their student’s “week 2” meeting.

The school district also sends a letter to the student’s parents from our club’s membership committee.  The letter describes Rotary and lists many of our club’s local projects with the intent of attracting new members.

The student Rotarian program in Marshall is all about connection to our community. 

“Life is so busy nowadays, and there can sometimes be sort of a disconnect between the community and students.  The student Rotarian program is one way that students are able to connect with civic and community members and leaders and for our Rotary members to connect with students.  I see it being mutually beneficial, as students see leaders in our community and Rotarians see future leaders who potentially may be leaders in our community at some point.” Scott Monson Superintendent of Marshall Public Schools.

Matt Pedersen

Rotary Marshall Noon Club President



Pictured:  Dean and Lenei


Pictured:  Keziah and Grant