Monday February 15th was a special day for Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary. The second of three distributions from its $100,000 Centennial fund was awarded to the SculptureWalk Arc of Dreams project.
     Monday's $50,000 donation to the Arc of Dreams marks Rotary as one of the largest contributors to this iconic stainless steel structure that will be spanning the Big Sioux River downtown. SculptureWalk Sioux Falls Arc of Dreams project is a privately funded sculpture slated for downtown Sioux Falls.
The Sioux Falls SculptureWalk organization has long envisioned an iconic image to stand as a symbol for its namesake community. Design work for a towering structure began in 2014 when South Dakota Artist Laureate sculptor, Dale Lamphere was contacted. What resulted from that collaboration is the Arc of Dreams project: a 50 foot tall monument constructed upstream from the city's historic Falls Park landmark.
     When erected two massive stainless steel arms will rise majestically from opposite banks of the Big Sioux River near Sixth Street. The spires will crescent towards each other but not touch. SculptureWalk director, Jim Clark explained, “That gap, five stories above the waterline at the peak of the apex represents the leap of faith hardy individuals took to settle the Dakota Territory.  Plus it symbolizes all past, present and future dreamers.” Sioux Falls Convention and Visitor's Bureau Executive Director, Teri Schmidt added, “It will be an outstanding attraction for generations of residents and visitors and fits-in beautifully with the downtown district's remodeling.”