For the first time since 2014-15 our District 5610 has a realistic chance to increase our membership.  However, to get over the finish line we need help from every club in the district.  We are announcing a FUN membership campaign.  Our goal for new members is a very reachable goal.  For example, if smaller clubs would add one new member and medium and large clubs would add 2 (or more) members, our goal will be achieved!  Our District Membership Chair has talked about this more eloquently than I, but every one of our clubs can identify one or two folks in your community who would be easy to recruit into Rotary.  We refer to these membership candidates as “low hanging fruit” – folks who shouldn’t need any arm-twisting or convincing.  We just need to ask them!  We will also be announcing super prizes for clubs who recruit new members between now and June 30.  For every new member recruited by your club, your club will receive a chance to win one of the prizes.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help us get over the hump and show a membership gain......and let’s have fun doing it!
Yours in Rotary,
Rotary District 5610 Governor