Whiteclay Arts Makerspace Rotary Global Grant Project News Release #3
Where are we today with the Whiteclay Global Grant?  
The Whiteclay Makerspace has proven to be an excellent project for Rotary. Our basic mission of peace building is enhanced by a suite of areas of focus which channel our efforts into broad categories of service. These include maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, disease prevention and treatment, peace and conflict prevention/resolution, economic and community development, water and sanitation, and our newest focus of supporting the environment. Our Whiteclay Makerspace global grant project falls within the  economic and community development focus.
Rotary grants do not allow the construction or renovation of buildings, but we can equip them to serve beneficiaries. Whiteclay Makerspace, Inc. has offered a beautiful opportunity to partner in our efforts to serve our neighbors on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Whiteclay Makerspace is handling the building and the management of the facility while Rotary is able to equip the makerspace with needed equipment and supplies. In our opinions, this is a perfect partnership. 
Finding and working with partners to expand our ability to serve and make a positive impact is key to successful projects. Jon Ruybalid and Candi Red Cloud have proven to be great partners. We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing the relationship as we finish the makerspace and look to potential future projects. 
This project offers Rotarians the opportunity to learn about Ogala Lakota culture and life on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Most importantly, it offers the opportunity to meet the Pine Ridge artists and craftspeople. One of Rotary's superpowers is forging friendships across geographic and cultural boundaries. Face to face and hand to hand is how Rotary and Rotarians build peace. Whiteclay Makerspace offers us that opportunity in our own backyard.
The news media has been helpful in featuring this makerspace. 
Follow these links to read the stories:
Nebraska Living Times magazine (PDF)
What is next?
After almost 4 months from grant approval, we have made good progress, considering we are in the middle of a pandemic! Rotarians have made 5 workday trips to the property, bringing equipment and supplies. The sewing and quilting room is completely furnished. We have had Rotarians volunteering labor on repairing walls, painting, cleaning and assembling our donated equipment. The team is thrilled with the enthusiasm and generosity of the local business community as items are procured! We plan to go back to finish more rooms in late winter thru spring. The supply store is the first priority, so the beads and fabric can be offered to locals for sale. Then they can begin creating their art at the sewing machines, quilter, beading tables, and woodworking areas. The photography room is later, when we can access a home on the reservation to bring the donated equipment in and setup a studio. Work days for volunteers to setup and install equipment and prepare the space have occurred in September and October. Please plan to volunteer on future workdays, installing the Rotary equipment and supplies. Rotary clubs have featured the team as weekly speakers in Rapid City, Hot Springs, Brookings, and at District and Zone conferences. Please let us know if you would like us to speak at your meetings via Zoom!
What can you do? Support this project as economic development for our Native American
Thank the volunteers! Thank the businesses who have been very generous with discounting equipment and supplies. Be a volunteer! See the list of needed items and check out your shop or garage to see if you have something to donate! Follow Whiteclay Makerspace on Facebook and the website www.whiteclayredo.com Check out the hand made items for sale at 
Items needed:
laser cutter
Mac computer with Adobe Photoshop software
airbrush tools
art canvases, brushes, and canvas stretcher
wood for frames
wood chisel hand tools set
quilt hoops
leather tooling punches, stamps, awls, mallets
table saw
drill press
carpentry tape measures, angles, saws, misc. hand tools
Donations of cash or in-kind items are welcomed. A donation form is available for download on the rotary5610.org website. Please contact the committee members (listed below) if you have an item to donate.See News Releases #1 and #2 for background information.
We are making this economic development project possible with a Rotary Foundation Global Grant! 

Project Committee Members

Ina Winter, Hot Springs Rotary, D5610 DG 2019-20 kristine.ina.winter@gmail.com
Contribution: project and process knowledge
Linda Peterson, Rushmore Rotary, PDG, RPIC 2018-20 linda4rotary@me.com
Contribution: financial management and product knowledge
Tom Katus, Rushmore Rotary, Omniciye Committee tmkatus@gmail.com
Contribution: people and place knowledge

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